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Cape Man Small Sculpture
Great proportions, beautiful old bearing for a bod
The Suit Small Sculpture
Get a load of that tie, and briefcase. Aren't you glad you aren't him.
The Transformer Small Sculpture
Animator Small Sculpture
Drill bits, horse bits and a scale for a body seem to have alarmed this guy
Pan Small Sculpture
The wild god of the woods,stay clear of the washing machine mangle legs
Pavarotti as a Satyr Small Sculpture
This guy has presence and power. If he is too loud, stick a pencil in his mouth.
The Storyteller Small Sculpture
All that's missing is the soapbox, listen carefully and you'll hear the dirt on Tammany Hall, Wall Street or what ever channel you turn to.
Mod Girl Small Sculpture
With a Modigliani head and a cow bell for a bod, she's so cute in her mother's heels, her arms move under those 70's shoulder pads.
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