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'Just Try Me' Guy Small Sculpture
If only he knew his nose was a maple tap and his body was on upside down...
Ezmeralda Small Sculpture
What can I say, paid us a visit from the hollows of West Virginia and would not leave. Her arms pivot, you can light her fire by opening up her heart and lighting the wick but I would not recommend it. Take her off my hands, please.
Bow Tie Guy Small Sculpture
Ready and alert to guard over your computer or cats
Brancusi Bird Small Sculpture
What could be a more beautiful form than a plow?
Metal Man Small Sculpture
32" Personality whose arms swing and nose runs. Part of a series, each different
Gem Stems Small Sculpture
Made from glass deck prisms, these accents collect light and radiate luminescence. Looks better with a topping of snow. Best in a clutch of three or more.
Icarus Small Sculpture
A subtle tribute to the man who flew too close to the sun.
Janis Gazing Globe Small Sculpture
A novel way to use gazing globes. These are powder coated (meaning the paint will last for decades). We have multiples of this.
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