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Wagon Wheel Arbor Sold
Ancient wagon wheels form the top arbor, with the theme repeated down the sides.
Ploughshare Totem Sold
This elevates the quintessential earthmover to an art form, stringing together beautiful objects that have had meaningful lives of their own.
Slicer Sold
A large piece incorporating discs from a harrow and hundred year old wagon wheel rims, quietly elegant.
Two Penny Opera Sold
A cacophony of individuals making music makes for a whimsical art piece.
Guardian Sold
An imposing Yoga-ish figure both light and grounded at the same time.
Jacobs Ladder Sold
There is a lot of very fine detail. It appears to spring from the earth or maybe it is falling from the sky. A dynamic detailed piece.
Madonna with Child Sold
A large figure, cradling a silver orb. A great silhouette against the sky.
Phoenix Sold
You can see the bird arising from the flames and ashes. Any symbol of regeneration is wonderful in the garden.
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