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Johnson Bar Totem Large Sculpture
Made from a "Johnson Bar", this totem is very moving.
U2 Large Sculpture
Beautifully balanced and solidly rooted, the upper "U" is made out of a garage door spring and moves with help.
Wrenches Large Sculpture
Old wrenches balancing with grace and dignity.
Heebie Geebie Large Sculpture
The Spring supported ball in the center of the cage moves in bewitching patterns in response to the asynchronous movements of the other springs. It even moves in strong breezes. Fun.
Zapped Large Sculpture
A freestanding heavy sculpture, guaranteed to raise eyebrows.
Fire and Water Totem Large Sculpture
This piece combines unusual antique parts of a fire hose, logging pevey, and cutter bars to form a totem capturing the valiance of those who fight fires.
Four Door Totem Large Sculpture
An edifice like structure with four doors (from wood stoves). Speaks to curiosity and numinosity. Quite a G. T. (Grand Totem).
It's a Bird... Large Sculpture
Well, which is it? Believe it or not the central piece is a home-made potato digger, truly unique.
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