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Fine Garden Art is a company that creates one-of-a-kind art for the garden.

I began making art for the garden when I tried to purchase something interesting for my garden. There were no interesting sculptures, benches, waterfeatures or structures available.

So I made them...first for myself, and now for you.

I design the pieces, which are then fabricated, mostly by welding. My medium is frequently assorted pieces of metal that I find in junk yards, flea markets, and in back yards (let us know if you have any in your back yard). A few are powder-coated or painted, but most are rusted, and simply sealed with an oil to preserve its velvety patina.

I am drawn to metal with interesting shapes and especially parts of farm equipment. It feels fitting that objects, that have worked the land, return to grace a garden and remind us of our history.

Garden art lends a sense of solidity and structure to the garden. It can provide focal points, support circulation through the garden, and serve as markers of arrival, or as points of departure. Garden art can also evoke a sense of history, or bring an element of humor or reflection to the garden that plants alone cannot achieve.

These pieces have given me great pleasure to create, and I hope they will give you pleasure to view.

Jill Nooney


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