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Grasshopper Sold
The body is made from one half of an asbestos shingle cutter, gossamer wings of stainless steel screen, old irons for a head adding up to a beautifully proportioned hopper, he's even smiling at you. Try and make another one of these...
Pavarotti as a Satyr Small Sculpture
This guy has presence and power. If he is too loud, stick a pencil in his mouth.
The Storyteller Small Sculpture
All that's missing is the soapbox, listen carefully and you'll hear the dirt on Tammany Hall, Wall Street or what ever channel you turn to.
Fawn Maiden Sold
Stepping in from another world, not sure about staying...
The Ubangi Bros. Sold
A serious pair with insulator torsos and articulated arms, elegant
Mod Girl Small Sculpture
With a Modigliani head and a cow bell for a bod, she's so cute in her mother's heels, her arms move under those 70's shoulder pads.
'Just Try Me' Guy Small Sculpture
If only he knew his nose was a maple tap and his body was on upside down...
Ezmeralda Small Sculpture
What can I say, paid us a visit from the hollows of West Virginia and would not leave. Her arms pivot, you can light her fire by opening up her heart and lighting the wick but I would not recommend it. Take her off my hands, please.
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