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Farm Standard Large Sculpture
Shadow Play Large Sculpture
This can be viewed from all sides, with interesting intersections of shadow and work.
Sleight of Hand Large Sculpture
Organic sculpture. It appears to have movement as well as heft. Evokes fern fronds too.
Solar Eclipse Large Sculpture
Sun struck, with a corona. The corona is made from a street sweeper.
Squared Off Large Sculpture
A large rectilinear 3D Collage. Great fun to make using many of my small special pieces, now they are all hanging out together.
Thunderbird Totem Large Sculpture
Very tall, stately, and evocative of the Native American. Although it is heavy, it comes apart for transport.
Tribal Figure Large Sculpture
Tall and skinny, she adds animation and interest to any garden.
Eagle Large Sculpture
A massive hunk of recycled stainless steel forms the wings, an imposing piece.
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